Is Cold bad for cars?

Is Cold bad for cars? The cold as we know cold, can make us sluggish, imagine what our harsh winters do for our Vehicles fluids. We do have additives to your fluids to keep them from freezing. It is still difficult for Oil  in it’s thicken state to be forced thru the engine, warm up your car for a few minutes. 

  1. Battery – The cold is hard on your Battery, in really extreme cold, the Battery may not start. Carrying Jumper Cables is always a great idea, if your Battery is over 3 years old, consider buying a new one.
  2. FLUIDS – With the weather cold as it is the Oil will get thicker too, which can cause wear on your Engines Oil Pump. A few suggestions, switch to Low-Viscosity Oil in winter, with Synthetic Oils they do help out some, helping with the Engine Startup. 
  3. Tires – In the cold weather, check tire pressure more often. Running the Tire Pressure low may cause uneven and possibly unsafe tire wear.
  4. Windshield and wiper blades – It’s the difference from seeing and not seeing, having washer fluid and new blades, just make it a habit to replace every 6 months to a year. At Ricks Auto we use a fluid that withstands -20 degrees.
  1. Spark Plugs – if you have a bad spark plug, clogged filter or ignition component that is bad your car may not be able to start.


Few other items to think about, if you don’t need a battery for your Vehicle, make sure the Battery Terminals are clean. There is a Battery Terminal spray that helps protect the connections. Did your doors or windows freeze last year? There is a lubricant that is a spray silicon or dry Teflon spray in the window track. The weather stripping on doors, spray silicon on a clean dry clothe then coat the weather stripping for the doors. For me, my Locks froze, before remote start, the Lock Cylinder can be lubricated with a Graphite Lock Lubricant.     

In the end it comes to regular maintenance, our entire Team of highly skilled and well-trained Technicians to our caring office professionals want to provide you with an excellent experience and first-class service for your Vehicle. From preventive maintenance to major repairs, Ricks’s Auto Service at 405 W. Jefferson Blvd. Call 574-255-4724, or visit online: #ricksautoservice #ricksautoservicein #mechanic #mishawaautorepair #electricalissues #AutoRepairNearMe 

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