Is it OK to drive with a Rear Axle Seal Leak?

The function of the Axle Seal is to keep the Transmission Fluid from leaking.

Is it OK to drive with a Rear Axle Seal leak? If there is a small leak, you may be able to drive for a short period of time. If the Axle Seal is leaking and you don’t get your Ford Edge fixed, you could cause permanent damage to the Transmission. The Axle Seal connects the Driveshaft or CV Axle to the Transmission or Rear Differential. The Rear Axle seal may also be referred to as a Transfer Case Seal, in some all-Wheel Drive Vehicles, one of the front CV Axles is connected to the Transfer Case. The Axle Seals only need replacing if they are leaking. How do you know if the Rear Axle Seals are leaking? 

There are some early signs to look for:

Oil Stains, but you need to make sure what is leaking. Unsure? Our Technicians at Ricks Auto Service will check out your car. They will know if there is a leak and where it is coming from.You may also notice a strange brown Fluid behind the Wheel and a noticeable drop of your Transmission Fluid. You can see the dampness around the Seal

WANT TO BE PROACTIVE? Getting regular Oil Changes make a huge difference! 

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