Is it worth it to replace an Engine?

 Is it worth it to replace an Engine? One of our clients had their Crankshaft go bad. They needed to have their Engine Replaced. Their Vehicle was in great shape very little rust on the body. They were also driving a Honda. My personal experience is that Hondas are reliable Vehicles. I drove mine for about 393,000, and it is still on the road. We sold it to a customer who needed a van to haul equipment.  If you buy a new-to-you-Vehicle you  inherit that Vehicles problems. Some of the questions we ask are: How long were you hoping to have this Vehicle? What is the Quality, Cost of Ownership, and Reliability, the customer had the money to buy a good Remanufactured Engine.    

These Engines have been tested both by the company Jasper, and by our shop. Other cost factors to consider: Insurance and Registration fees on a new car are more expensive than an older Vehicle. A new Vehicle depreciates as soon as you drive off that lot.

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