Keeping your car in top running condition.

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Keeping your car in top running condition is so important. Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance, with new cars costing a small fortune, taking care of your vehicle just makes sense. Keeping your old car running as long as possible, frees up your money to do other things. I have a 2000 Honda Odyssey,  371,638 miles and it's still running, and running well. In all honesty, the body of the car looks sad, but when you have teenagers learning to drive....I'll say no more. My kids joke with me about getting rid of it, but I would like to try and get it to 400,000 miles...hopefully!!! When you drive the same vehicle for a number of years you get to know what sounds normal and what might be a potential problem. When I take my car to Ricks, I let them know of new noises that have started...Whether it's a clicking noise in the engine, a rattling sound, the car vears to the left when I brake. No sound or change in your car is insignificant, it maybe from everyday wear, or it could be a potential problem down the road.

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