Looking for a shop near me who does alignments? Look not further!!

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"When should I get a wheel alignment?" If you are looking for a shop near me who can help, look no further. Have you noticed the potholes, which seem to grow even larger after the a thaw and freeze? Three common issues that potholes may cause for your car:

Tire Damage: I popped two tires by hitting the pothole just right, ugggg. Or, which maybe worse is that it takes a chunk out of your tire, which is very dangerous at high speeds as the tire could pop then.

Alignment: Over time continually hitting potholes, can mess up with the alignment of your car. Have you been pulling to the left or the right?

Bearings: If you hear a grinding noise while turning, your bearings maybe damaged. A wheel bearing is crucial for the proper function of the hub, tire and wheel assemblies to work together.

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