Maintenance-Keeping your car clean inside and out

Why keeping your vehicle clean inside and out is important.

Preserves your paint. Washing your car on a regular basis is a must not a need. With the types of winters we have, using all that salt, washing it regularly helps to keep the salt damage down (rusting).

Using products designed for cleaning autos is important. Household cleaners may be harsh and can damage paint. Using terry

It can prevent costly repairs. Car filth can damage the vehicles body and paint.

Clean cars are safer. Keeping the front and back windows clean can prevent accidents.

It’s healthy keeping the interior clean. Sometimes we tend to live in our car, just like our house spring and winter cleanings are a must! You also kill those harmful bacteria(although if our winters stay at 30 degrees or lower that might kill bacteria!!)

Don’t forget the undercarriage of the car. Salt, dirt, dust and grime can cake on and start rusting from bottom side up. Many car washes include undercarriage cleaning for an additional amount, worth the extra money.


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