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“What is the ABS light?” “What does it mean when my ABS light is on?”

When your ABS light is on your regular brakes should work fine. What may not work is the antilock feature which prevents wheels from locking up during braking. If your car is made after 2012, it has stability control and traction control, unfortunately it relies on the same wheel-speed sensors at the anti-lock system.

Here is what causes the light to come on:

  • Your fuse may have been blown for that system.
  • Your wheel-speed sensor is damaged or with all the grime in the streets it could be covered and needs to be cleaned.
  • Broken wires between the sensors and the ABS controller.
  • An ABS controller has stopped working.
  • if your pump or valve is not giving the brake fluid pressure the right amount that could trigger the ABS sensor.
  • You could be losing brake fluid.

Come by Ricks Auto Service  we can do a diagnostic check and figure out the problem is.

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