My brakes are making a noise

Some Brake noises are normal, while others indicate problems

requiring service. This is what the noises could mean:

  • Grinding When caused by rust building on the rotors, it's of little concern. The buildup can usually be removed, or sometimes it disappears after a few stops. If grinding persists, the problem could be more serious and should be addressed immediately.
  • Loud Squeals Disc brakes with wear indicators may produce a squeal, indicating it’s time to change the pads
  • Trace squeaks or squeals Semi-metallic brake linings can emit sound. Rain, humidity or cold brakes could be the source. If the problem persists, have the brakes checked.
  • Clicking Sometimes accompanied by a slight pulsing in the brake pedal at low speeds, it’s most likely the Anti-lock Braking System performing a harmless self-check.

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