My car battery is dead!

We have ALL experienced a dead battery, whether in the cold weather or not. Cold weather is the time most car batteries fail, but battery failure is not exclusive to the cold!

A battery service and test is the best insurance you can buy to keep you form being stranded next winter!


Extreme temperatures stress your car -- especially the starting system. In the winter, when you have a cold engine, cold oil and a cold battery...well, it's a bad combination.

Weak batteries are caused by

  • Corroded battery cables
  • Lose alternator belt
  • Leaving the lights on
  • Age (average battery life is 4-5 years)

      • Test and inspect the battery every fall
      • Clean battery terminals and cable ends
      • Clean the battery case
      • Watch the acid though - it can burn your hands, and ruin your car paint

      If you get stuck with a dead battery... To jump start, connect red to red/black to black OR + to + and - to -. BE CAREFUL! Connecting it wrong can give you a painful and unwanted shock!

      Be careful if you decide to change your own battery -- some cars will lose the computer programming -- check with a good tech first. If you're uncertain about any part of your starting or charging system, the best insurance is to get it tested by a good technician.



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