My car makes the strangest noise. Is it dangerous?

Because a car is mechanical, it can develop noises or vibrations when something is wrong.

What kind of noise is your car making? Don't be afraid to make the same noise for your technician (even if it's humerous)...Clicky clicky, squeal, groaning, etc.

The best solution is to note when it makes the noise or vibration...

  • time
  • temp
  • speed
  • bumps
  • RPMs
  • gear
  • location
  • while under power or coasting
  • braking, etc.

Go to the most reputable shop and get the tech or service writer to go for a ride with you and demonstrate the noise or vibration to them. They are blind without your help to identify the noise you're hearing. You know best what your car sounds like normally.

And remember: Test-drive the car after you pick it up to make sure they nailed it!



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