New Car Maintenance - Do you have to take your car back to the dealer for scheduled maintenance?

Any car dealer in the world would love for you to believe that you have to take your car back to them for maintenance. On the contrary, many independent repair shops can take care of the same repair needs that your dealer can. More often than not, you'll actually find more talented technicians at independent shops.

For most new cars, scheduled maintenance should be done at 15k, 30k, 45k, 60k, and 90k miles. Be sure to check the owners manual for your car's specific requirements.

Will this void your new car warranty?

NO! The Magnuson/Moss Warranty Act prevents car manufacturers from forcing customers to get their scheduled maintenance from the dealers.

Still worried about going for repairs and maintenance outside of your dealer?

New car dealers can only service 57% of the cars they sell, so manufacturers were forced to give independent shops the technical info on their cars. you really want the people who beat you up when they sold you the car to work on it too?

You do need to have the scheduled maintenance done to keep your warranty valid, but you can choose who does it.

Watch those loss leader prices. In most cases you'll get a better value at an Independent shop!



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