New Transmission or New Car

“New Transmission or New Car”

You get the news your transmission is bad. What next? Going forward, there are a few things to consider. You might just want to get a new car…let’s look at all the factors. You don’t want a large car payment.

Will that transmission take care of all your problems?

If that transmission is the major issue, once replaced. You’ll have a car, truck or SUV that drives like new again. If your vehicle is in poor shape, you might call it quits.

What is the vehicle worth?

Your car isn’t worth much with a bad transmission. Even if you traded it in, you will take a loss. If the car wouldn’t be worth much either way or the repair job costs more that the vehicle is worth. But if the body of the car is in good shape, replacing the transmission might be a good idea.

Do you want to keep this vehicle?

If knowing all the history and this has just been a reliable vehicle. If you need a second opinion because you just aren’t sure. Give us at Ricks Auto Service a call.


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