Noise Noise Noise My car is making the loudest noise I've ever heard.

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For some of us our car is our baby, we clean it, keep it shiny inside and out. We also know when things aren’t quite right. This is my car and I am always listening to any changes in noises. We know when our car is purring, we also know when something is wrong. Ignoring the problem hoping it will go away may end up costing you the big bucks. So, it’s okay to make the sound for us!!! Here are some Sounds and where it might be coming from:

BANG: Sounds like a gun, a backfire is a good example

Boom: this is a low frequency sound like a bass drum maybe even like a rolling bowling ball or thunder

BUZZ: this may be felt through the steering wheel or floor vibrating like an electric shaver, low to mid range

CHIRP: just like a bird, could be worn or an belts misaligned.

CLANG, CLANK, CLICK, CLACK, CLUNK(the ”C” sound) metallic ringing or striking sound…wrench dropping or hammer striking. Sounds like cocking a pistol, taking a picture(not with your phone). Or, billiard balls striking each other, heavy thumping or bumping that sounds often muted.

FLAPPING: just like a birds or a flag in a strong breezing

GRINDING: this has a more metallic sound like a pepper mill. It may be your brakes lining is almost or completely worn away.. Or if your gears are clashing could be your transmission is not shifting properly.

HISS: not like a snake more like steam coming from a small hole. If you have a lea in the cooling system or even a punctured tire.

HOWLING: the noise of a strong wind.

KNOCK: knocking on a door…can be a rod knocking in an engine that will be failing soon.

MOAN or DRONE: Like blowing in a large pop bottle. Could be worn motor mounts or exhaust system.

PING: if you have ever dropped marbles in a can, could be from the engine.

POP: if you have ever removed a cork from the bottle, backfiring can make a pop sound

RATTLE: In the marble can, if you shake the can. It could be an exhaust system that is loose and possibly making contact with another part of the car.

I could go on with even more sounds, so you see how important it is to know the sound. We usually have our Auto Mechanics go for a ride with you. It’s important they hear the sound too. If for some reason the sound can’t be duplicated(You won’t believe how often that happens, I can’t tell you how often that has happened with me, Just lucky Rick is with  me at times and I can say listen there it is).

If that happens next time you are driving and you hear the sound give us a quick call, and if you can possibly stop by we can go for a quick drive.

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