Power Steering Flush

    Ricks Auto Service Front

Ricks Auto Service Front

 "Why do I need to do flushes on my car?" "Do I need to change Power Steering Fluid?"  Over miles and time, small amounts of wear products will build up in your #Power Steering Fluid. These wear products are bits of plastic, rubber and metal from inside the system that naturally wear off over time. As these particles are pushed around in the power steering fluid, they can accelerate wear to many of the seals on components in the system. Since there is no filter in your power steering system, the only way to remove these small particles is to remove the power steering fluid and add new, clean fluid. This is called flushing the Power Steering System.

     When doing the flush, we also inspect the seals and hoses for leaks, as the system ages it’s possible to begin slow leak, or seals wear down, dry or crack.

            The power steering system in your vehicle is there to aid you in turning the wheels at low speeds. If the fluid gets to low you might feel a “creaking” in the steering wheel or hear some weird sound(the fluid usually doesn’t drop too much, so if it’s low take it in to Ricks Auto Service here in Mishawaka In).  Check your vehicles manual, or let us check your fluid for you.

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