Regular Maintenance is the best Ticket for 2018!!!

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A– It’s All There in the Manual​: There are general rules of thumb for basic preventive maintenance, but the best place to start is by actually reading the owner’s manual for your vehicle’s make and model. A 1982 Honda Accord has different needs than a 2018 Honda, and they both differ from a 30-year-old Jeep.

B – At Your Service: If you want to keep your car in the best possible shape, get Health Assessments done, we do them when we do Oil Changes. It is never profitable skipping your regular maintenance items. Catching a small problem before it becomes a large problem costing hundreds to sometimes thousands of dollars(engine). Every car needs regular service – it’s the easiest and best way to keep your car’s health up. Again, the recommended service intervals, such as oil changes and drive belt checks, will be in the user manual.

C – A Weekly Checkup: On newer cars, checking the following is your best bet when you gas up. If you drive an older car it maybe to your cars advantage to check every other week.

Check your tire tread depth. Have you ever heard of the Penny Check? Take a penny with Lincoln’s head upside down, if you can see his whole head it is way time to get those tires changed.

Check your tire pressure. Always check the owners manual, or there is a label (Tire and Loading) on the drivers door. Come by Ricks’s Auto Service (center bay) if you need air in your tires. A Tire Pressure gauge is another handy tool to keep in your glove box.

 Check your fluids. Doing a quick check every other week, on your fluids, which are Brake Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Oil, Power Steering Fluid, coolant and power steering fluid. Every car is different, don’t forget to check your car’s manual, some are easy to reach while others can be a pain.

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