Setting Mirrors-Safety First.

For years, we'd been setting our side-view mirrors so that they gave us a view of the back corner of our cars. This is the way it's been done for generations - from grandfather, to father, to us! But we finally discovered something very interesting. The back corner of the car never moves. It always stays in the same exact place. So there's really no reason to keep an eye on it.

By moving the side mirrors farther out, you can line up all three of your mirrors so they have minimal overlap -- and you can see everything behind you and beside you.

Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Start by setting your rearview mirror as you normally would.

Then, lean your head all the way to the left so it touches the driver's window. From that position, set your left side-view mirror so you can see the back corner of your car. Now lean the same distance the other way, and set your right side-view mirror the same way.Ricks Auto Service Front


Step 2 -- Left Side Mirror Alignment: Set your left side mirror so that as soon as the passing car's left, front headlight disappears from your rearview mirror, it appears in your left, side mirror.

You might need to make some slight adjustments to your side-view mirrors to make everything line up perfectly. And pulling up next to a line of parked cars (to simulate another lane of traffic next to you) is a good way to do that.Ricks Auto Service Front

Step 3 -- Right Side Mirror Alignment: Then do the same thing on the right.Ricks Auto Service Front

Step 4: End result? No huge blind spots.Ricks Auto Service Front

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