Should an oil change be just changing oil?

As I've mentioned before on this website, car repair is a lot like medicine.

When you're sick and have to visit the doctor's office, you can choose to have an orderly check your illness, or you can have a qualified doctor review the problems with your health.

An oil change at a discount oil and lube joint is like going to a doctor's office that doesn't have a doctor on duty. At reputable shops, ASE certified technicians are on staff in case potential problems are spotted by the lube department.

It's just like a physical exam or health check-up.

You should also understand the difference between ASE Certification and what most discount oil change places say they have. They may claim to have certified people working there, but more often than not, they're in-house certified! ASE Certified technicians are the cream of the crop in auto repair...they're the ones who have spent the time studying and testing to become the absolute best. It's not easy, and it's not for everyone!

An oil change should never just be an oil change unless a shop isn't interested in taking care of you!



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