Some ways to save in your Car Expenses.

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As we get closer to Spring/Easter break, and summer right around the corner here are a few ways to cut your car expenses:

  • Drive sensibly: If you have a bad habit to speed and hard brake those are quick ways you can waste gas. That type of aggressive driving can lower gas mileage on highway 33% around town 5%, Adds up after a while.
  • Cruise at 50 mph. In all honesty don’t know how you can do this one because in town the speed limit is way less than 50. The freeway is way faster than the 50 mph. It says roughly savings up to $477 a year, not milk change.
  • Stop Idling. I am guilty of this, it says that you spend about $140 a year if you idle more than 2 hours a week.
  • Embrace the heat. Someone from the west or lives in dry weather, not our Midwest weather, where you step outside and are dripping before you take two steps! You can save roughly $120 a year, sorry I will keep my A/C on well worth the $120!!
  • Get the right motor oil. Unless you are do this service yourself, our reliable mechanics know what Oil they should use.
  • Does your engine need to be tuned?  Badly worn spark plugs and clogged or dirty filters can decrease your engines performance which will result in decreased gas mileage and performance.
  • Make sure your gas cap isn’t damaged or loose. It allows for fuel to evaporate.
  • Do you have unused roof or trunk racks? The racks increase wind resistance and decrease gas mileage.

This list is by no way exhausted!

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