Summer Blog on Pothole damage.

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#POTHOLES: We live with them whether we like them or not! Here is a check you can do when you hear that sickening thunk after hitting one full force. (Blew a tire doing that, didn’t even see it was full of water)

#TIRES:  Since tires are the first to hit the hole, damage can happen like sidewall bulges, tread separation or flats. Don’t drive on a blown out tire it isn’t safe, and you may be able to patch the tire.

#WHEELS: Sometimes you may hit the pothole at such an angel that the impact can bend chip or crack the rim where the metal meets the tire. (check out the Picture)

#SUSPENSION: Your cars’ suspension is designed to absorb impacts providing you with a smooth ride. However, slamming against potholes can cause many different suspension problems. You may end of with an out of alignment(we can take care of that). If the car is doing any of the following give us a call: car pulls in one direction, handling the car feels loose, check tires to see if they are wearing unevenly. If you are also experiencing vibrations, sounds, wandering steering, poor ride quality is the vehicle leaning to one side (might be broken ball joints, struts or shocks). It’s best to have a professional check this out.

#EXHAUST: The pipes from your exhaust run along the underside of your car, they too may be a perfect target for hidden potholes(beware!!) It could if it scrapes or hits the road you could dent or rip a hole in the exhaust pipes, catalytic converter or muffler. When dealing with holes in your exhaust system you could be polluting the environment not to mention loss of power and some very unpleasant loud noises.

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