Sweet Deal till the end of February, Free wiper blades: Read on.

Free Wipers(set of 2) with any purchase ($25 value).

Professional Grade Wipers (set of 2) for $5 with any purchase ($45 value)

offer good till the end of February 2019

Sweet Deal till the end of February, Free wiper blades. 

Points to keep from costly windshield wiper repair or replacement.

  • Make sure when you park your car the wiper blades are turned off, seem silly but if you park over night and you live in an area where things freeze, you can end up breaking the wiper assembly.
  • Newer models shut the power to the motor if you turn off the car when you are in a wiper blade cycle.
  •  Older models may have a wiper arm mounted to the linkage with a nut that will loosen off under the same conditions. We see a lot of damage to wiper blade assemblies that cost hundreds of dollars.
  • If you are in the habit of leaving the blades raised from the glass so they don’t freeze, if you have high winds over night they can end up snapping or worse breaking the glass, under the winds.
  • Also, leaving a pile of snow and ice where the windshield meets the car can cause problems also. Take a few extra minutes to clean the ice and snow away from the wipers.

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