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The days of periodically checking your #transmission #fluid level by pulling a metal dipstick from a tube alongside your engine are rapidly coming to a close. Many of the New vehicles are doing away with the transmission dipstick and easily accessible tubes for adding fluid to your car’s transmission.

   One of the main reasons is that the customer can damage their transmission by overfilling or putting in the wrong transmission fluid. The fluids for your vehicle are specific formulas to match the precision internal components of modern transmissions. Using the wrong fluid can cause the transmission to fail long before the car’s new car warranty expires.

   The manufactures in an effort to protect themselves have made it difficult to service your own transmission.

   Having said that, your transmission fluid still breaks down, it gets dirty, and still needs to be changed. By not getting your transmission routinely serviced can and does shorten the vehicles life. Check your manual, but know if you drive your car hard you may need to change it sooner. Most experienced mechanics change their transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles, because they want their cars to last. Our own Honda Odyssey has over 356,000, and that is doing all the necessary services.

Common symptoms indicating you need to replace the transmission fluid:

  • Vehicle has a hard time running
  • Vehicle stalls when going up or down a steep incline
  • Check Engine Light is on
  • Transmission makes noise

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