True Cost of not maintaining your car.

People on tight budgets are often tempted to skip some routine car maintenance services, or at least to delay an appointment with the auto shop

1.   Consistent oil changes

2.   Tire rotations, air pressure checks

3.   Replace timing belt

4.   Annual brake checkup

5.   Replacing the PCV regularly

6.   Changing spark plugs and filters

 Even if you are lucky enough to avoid a crash, putting off maintenance is likely to reduce your car's life span.

"If you don't maintain your car, you're taking a vehicle that might have been driven for 200,000 miles over its life, and you're knocking it down to maybe 150,000 miles.

The true cost of not maintaining your vehicle can include hefty repair bills for bad brakes, failed emissions tests and maybe even a failed engine. Following is a list of some common maintenance requirements for automobiles and the costly problems that can occur if they aren't completed.

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