Weather, Cars and Pets. "Can a dog recover from Heat Stroke?"

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Cars, Temperature and Pets. “Can a dog recover from Heat stroke?”

Did you know that when the Temperature outside is 80 degrees that after 10 minutes the inside of your car is 89? If you leave your Pet in the car longer than 30 minutes it is 104 inside your car. Heat stroke is common in dogs, but rare in cats(please don’t leave any animal in your car). Heat Stroke can happen when your animal is in a small and confined environment, even with windows down, it is still hot in your vehicle.

     Dogs with moderate heat stroke ( a body temperature of 104) can recover. Giving prompt first aid and veterinary care is crucial. When your dog’s body temperatures are over 106, that could be life-threatening. Your animal needs prompt medical care. Age of the animal can also be a factor of fatality for your dog.

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