What are five safety tips

Are you ready for the Holidays? Safety tips to keeping your Holiday Driving stress free.

  1. Long Distance Travel making sure your Vehicle is road ready. Have your Mechanic check: Brakes, Windshield wipers and Fluid, Vehicles Battery, headlights, all your Oil Levels and importantly all your Lights-Rear, Brake and headlights. Making sure your Spare Tire is operational.
  1. Looking at the Weather Reports on all legs of your journey. Don’t be caught unaware.
  1. Speed Limits- Nothing dampens your Holiday Spirit faster then a speeding ticket.
  1. Always be alert. Be well rested, get shopping and everything done early.
  1. Always be prepared. Emergencies happen-making sure if you have young travelers that their needs are taken care of. First-Aide kit, extra blankets, water, healthy snacks, phone charger

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