What are the signs of a bad Flywheel?

What are the signs of a bad Flywheel? What is a Flywheel?

The Flywheel bolts between the Transmission and the Engine. The Teeth were damaged, this Vehicle was a No-Starter and the Starter was damaged and was replaced.


As you can see from the picture the Flywheel is a thick metal Disk. The Flywheel is extremely firm and inflexible. Notice the row of Gear Teeth which engage with the Engines’ Starter Motor it helps with starting the Engine.  Once started the Crankshaft converts the up and down motion of the Pistons into Rotary motion. It is bolted to a Flange on the Transmission side of the Crankshaft. The Flywheel keeps your Engine running or else it will stall when you let your foot off the Accelerator. It is also weighted to the Car’s Crankshaft. It also reduces Drivetrain Stress with the other parts. Without the Flywheel your Vehicle would stall when you move the Vehicle from a standstill.

The Teeth show damage. 


Signs of a bad Flywheel:

  • Gears slip. You will notice the engine reviving up but doesn’t shift gears.
  • You can feel your Clutch vibrate. When you shift Gears it is not smooth at all, you will feel the vibration.
  • Burnt smell. As you shift in or out of gears you may in the Cabin of the car a burnt smell.
  • Clutch Chattering. When you release the Clutch to switch Gears a stuttering or vibrating called Chattering occurs.

This is a picture of the front of the Transmission, the Flywheel connects Engine to the Transmission.

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