What are the signs of bad Brake Calipers?

If your Vehicle has Disc brakes, slowing and stopping the car is what Brake Calipers do. The Brake Caliper is a support to your Brake Pads on the Rotor or is supports the Caliper Bracket. It also exerts pressure on the Brake Fluid with the Master Cylinder into friction with the Rotor. Or it works together to stop your car. The Calipers don’t need replacement as often as Brake Pads and Rotors. With that being said, if you let the Pads or the Rotors become warped the Calipers become damaged because they are no longer insulated by the Rotors and the heat does damage to the Pistons and can cause the Brake Fluid to be compromised. This can cause Brake Failure. Signs the Calipers: some of the early signs that a trained Technician looks for are corrosion, dirt buildup, leaks, reluctant guide pins. When we do an Oil Change part of that service is checking out your Brake System. Your Vehicle pulls to one side when braking, the Caliper could be seizing up. That was the problem our customer came in with is that his Calipers Froze on him. Once in a while their will be a fluid leak with a bad Caliper, but not usually, however if you do see a leak please see a Mechanic ASAP. If the Calipers do freeze they may make a similar noise to a worn out Pad, which would be a squeaking noise. Don’t neglect your Brakes or any of the signs above, for the safety of your family. Make an appointment: https://www.ricksautoservice.org/appointments


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