What are the symptoms of a Bad Brake Booster?

In power brake systems, which are found on virtually all vehicles, the brake booster is a component that multiplies the force the driver applies to the brake pedal. If the booster fails, excessive pedal force will be required to achieve adequate braking. Most brake boosters run on a vacuum produced by the engine. The cause of booster failure can be as simple as a loose vacuum hose or a ruptured diaphragm that requires component replacement.

Can you drive with a Bad Brake Booster? The Car is not safe to drive with a Bad Brake Booster, the Brakes will eventually fail altogether. 

The customer called in complaining when stepping on the brake she would hear a loud hissing noise, the Vacuum Booster for the brakes was leaking internally, giving poor Brake performance.

What are the symptoms of a Bad Brake Booster? 

Some other symptoms of Bad  Brake Booster:

  • Warning lights come on
  • High Brake Pedal position
  • Fluid Leakage-light yellow to brownish color
  • Hissing noise
  • Stiff Brake Pedal 

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