What do Camshafts do?

“What do Camshafts do?” I will do my best to explain Camshafts, there are a number of different types. You also have what they call Overhead Camshafts and they have a Bottom-mounted Camshaft, oh and don’t forget the Combined Camshaft…how does a girl explain this!! But, the one I will talk some about is the Exhaust side Camshaft for a 3.6 Engine(not sure if you needed to know that). Some camshafts depending how one wants to use it can be made very strong so that there is high bending and torsion forces over the long term, the Camshafts for those may be forged or cast, depending on use. The Exhaust Camshaft undertakes the function for the decompression of the cylinder. At a low speed of the engine the exhaust camshaft concisely lifts the exhaust valve during each stroke so that the air exits and the Engine starts easier.


If bad because the Cam sends data to the Engine, you will find poor performance in your Vehicle also your fuel efficiency may not be as superb as you would expect. Over time other areas may show poor performance. . “What does it mean to “cam” a car? It just means modifying the trucks’ Camshaft. You can change the Camshaft to allow the Engine to perform better. Choosing the team you can trust is key, Ricks Auto Service., with over 44 years performing auto repairs across Northern Indiana. We provide you with expert customer service and knowledgeable ASE Technicians who can diagnosis the problem for most makes and models.

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