Spark Plugs What does a Spark Plug do?

What does a Spark Plug do?

A Spark Plug is a key component in the Combustion process of an Internal Combustion Engine Its primary function is to ignite the compressed air-fuel mixture within the Engine's Cylinders at a precise moment. In the heart of your car, a finely-timed blast forces Pistons to plunge, spinning the Crankshaft and sparking the power surge that gets you rolling on the road.

Here's a breakdown of how a Spark Plug works:

  1. Fuel and Air Intake: The Engine draws in a mixture of air and Fuel.
  2. Compression: The Piston moves upward, compressing the air-fuel mixture in the Cylinder.
  3. Spark and ignition: At the peak of compression, the Spark Plug delivers a high-voltage spark across its gap, igniting the compressed air-fuel mixture.
  4. Combustion: The burning mixture expands rapidly, pushing the Piston downwards with force.
  5. Exhaust: The Piston moves back up, expelling the burned gases from the Cylinder.

This cycle repeats continuously for each Cylinder, generating the power that propels your vehicle.

The efficiency of this process, and therefore the performance and Fuel Economy of your Engine, relies heavily on the proper functioning of the Spark Plugs. Worn-out or faulty Spark Plugs can lead to weak sparks, incomplete combustion, and various engine problems like decreased power, rough idling, and increased emissions.

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