What does a Water Pump do?

What is a does a Water Pump do? 

A Water Pump is a small yet crucial part that is in charge of circulating Coolant throughout the engine's cooling system. The Coolant absorbs the heat generated by the Engine and releases it through the radiator. Keeping the Coolant flowing through the Engine, which, in turn, prevents overheating.

What are the Signs of a Bad Water Pump?

The Water Pump is strong and it can last up to 100,000 miles if you take care of it. However, like other car parts, the Water Pump can fail and malfunction.

Signs that your water pump is bad include:

• Strange noises coming from the Engine area.

• The Engine Temperature Gauge reading high.

• Dripping Coolant under your vehicle.

• The engine making a grinding noise.

Can You Drive with a Bad Water Pump?

The water pump is important for the car's engine. If it breaks, the engine can get too hot. It can also damage other parts of the car like the head gasket or even crack the engine block.. If you notice any signs of a bad water pump, take your vehicle to a professional mechanic for inspection and repair.

How to Maintain Your Water Pump

Take care of your water pump. That way, you can save money since you won't have to pay for costly repairs or new Parts. The most critical factor in your water pump's longevity is the quality of the coolant. Ensure that you use the manufacturer's recommended coolant and change it every 50,000 miles or as advised in the owner's manual.

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