What does Brake Shoes do?

What does Brake Shoes do?

Brake Shoes are a component of Drum Brake Systems, specifically designed to slow or stop your car when the brakes are activated. They are typically curved and lined with friction materials that work together with the drums to provide braking force when the Brake Pedal is applied. The brake shoes press against a rotating brake drum, producing the required friction that consequently slows down or stops the car.

How Do They Work?

When you press the Brake Pedal, Hydraulic Fluid runs into the Brake Wheel Cylinder, which subsequently forces a brake shoe against the inner surface of the drum brake, slowing down the vehicle. The amount of friction between the brake shoe and the drum generates momentum, which causes the wheel to chalk in motion, slowing down the car. The brake shoes expand and contract due to the hydraulic pressure, providing the necessary braking power.

How to Maintain Brake Shoes

Like any other component of your car's braking system, the brake shoes need proper maintenance to function correctly. Here are a few tips on how to keep your brake shoes in the best condition:

Keeping Brake Shoes in top working condition:
Check for wear: The Brake Shoes need replacement if the are worn to the minimum requirement. Consult with an expert to know when you should replace the brake shoes.
Be gentle: Avoid sudden or hard braking as this can lead to premature wear on your brake shoes.
Regular servicing: Being on top of Your Vehicles needs keeps you safe on the road

Brake Shoes are an essential component of a car's braking system, and maintaining them can improve braking efficiency and save you from potential accidents. Nowadays, car manufacturers provide Brake Pad Wear Indicators that can help in identifying worn out Brake Shoes. If you notice any strange sounds or reduced braking efficiency, take your car for servicing at a reputable garage. Regular maintenance, as well as gentle driving techniques, can keep your car’s brake shoes functioning optimally. Don't neglect this vital component of your car’s brake system, as it could cause serious accidents if left unchecked.

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