What does Maintenance include on a car?

What does Maintenance include on a car? On Vehicles that are used a lot or older models, checking your Fluids every 3 months is important, the following Fluids should be considered:

  • Engine Oil – level should be close to the Full Line and is clear, you may need to top off, if the oil is dark like is black or brown. You may notice sediments in the oil that could be a major issue and the Oil needs to be changed.
  • Coolant or Antifreeze which is the fluid in your Radiator should be checked about every 50,000 miles, again depends on your driving habits.
  • Power Steering Fluid when that is low steering will become harder as you drive, get that checked out.
  • Brake Fluid is critical (as are all the fluids) over time the Brake Fluid can become contaminated and will compromise your Brakes.
  • Transmission Fluid lubricated your components inside your transmission, compromised Fluid can cause unusual noised, rough shifting or difficulties in driving.
  • One other Fluid that can easily be missed but on buggy or dusty days you will miss it is your Windshield Wiper Fluid.  

Other parts of Maintenance may be with your Tires, could concern your Belts and hoses, the different types of fluids in your car: Fuel Filter, cabin and Engine filters, don’t forget your Wiper Blades. Brakes and Alignments can become come quite obvious in noise level, stopping ability or your Vehicle pulls to one side.

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