What is a Transmission and how does it work

What is a Transmission and how does it work? When you press on the gas pedal, the Transmission comes into play, it allows your engine to spin at the right rate, not to fast or slow. The Transmission is your cars gearbox, withing the Transmission is a set of 5 or 6 gear sets and series of Gear Trains. The Gear Trains allow the teeth of the gears to engage. Allowing a smooth transmission of rotating one gear to the next gear, it’s much more complicated than that, trying to put it in terms that I understand! Doesn’t matter if you have an Automatic or Manual Transmission your Gearboxes work the same. Whether thru the “Clutch” or it’s automatically done, when engaging the Clutch or Gear Lever Clutch Plates to connect with larger Gears which is also connected to your Vehicles Differential. If you encounter any of the below problems your Transmission maybe slipping:

  • If your Transmission won’t engage or stay in gear.
  • Shifting is delayed.
  • Transmission is slipping or you hear the Engine revving really high.
  • Transmission Fluid is leaking.
  • A burning smell.
  • A clunking, humming or bussing noise.
  • No power in the car.
  • Check Engine Light is on.

Are you seeing a red Fluid under the transmission? If your Transmission Fluid is leaking or very low. Has the Transmission Fluid been contaminated by water from the road due to flooding conditions? Are the cooler lines, Gasket or Seals old and cracked? Are you getting regular maintenance done for your Transmission? Regular Maintenance on your Transmission includes:

  • Just checking your Transmission Fluid similar to checking the Oil.
  • Making sure the right Transmission Fluid is used.
  • Your Engines Cooling System needs to be checked- look at the Vehicles Owner Manual.
  • Getting your Transmission Flushed regularly.
  • Don’t change gears while your car is moving, stop completely for drive to reverse.
  • Allow your Engine to warm up for a few minutes before you take off.
  • When using a spare Tire don’t drive indefinitely on it, puts strain on Transmission
  • Don’t carry incredibly heavy loads, especially on Hot temperatures, to much strain.
  • At least once a year have your Transmission serviced.

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