What is a Water Pump used for?

The Car you drive needs Water, the job of the Water Pump in your Vehicle main job is to keep the Coolant moving, it goes through the Engine Block, also the Radiator and your Hoses keeping the right operating Temperature. What are some symptoms of a bad Water Pump? The customer called complaining of a burning smell coming from the Engine.   

  • Coolant leak
  • Water Pump corrosion.
  • Water Pump Pulley come loose.
  • Engine light on or Engine is overheating.
  • Steam from the Engine

Over time and wear your Gaskets and Seals show wear by cracking and drying out or possibly breaking. Water Pumps are made of commercial grade steel, which isn’t always rust resistant, in Midwest weather or any freezing type of weather where salt is used. Water Pump pulleys usually last the lifetime of your Vehicle. In rare cases the pressed bearing can bust loose causing grease to leak out and the pulley stops spinning. Routine Maintenance, servicing the Cooling System, making sure the Coolant is clean and uncontaminated is important. Routine Coolant Flushes ever 30,000-45,000 miles (depending on driving conditions) and regular inspections will keep you and your Vehicle running smoother. 


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