What is routine maintenance on my car?

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" What is routine maintenance on my car?" "How often should my vehicle be washed?" or does my vehicle really need to be washed regularly? 

  • Keeping your car looking sharp. It also helps with the resale value.
  • General Maintenance. I know I am always talking about maintenance, but it also allows you to fine any thing that might be loose and fix it (headlights, mirrors antennas etc).
  • Outside finish. Dirt dulls the finish, check out older models, the clear finish is worn off. Keeping the car clean protects the car from possible rust.
  • Outside elements: moisture/dust/dirt/ rude birds which their poo is highly acidic which can eat away the clear coat and paint.
  • Washing is the only way to remove road salt. Salt is more corrosive then dirt or bugs. The salt if not removed accelerates rust on the frame of your vehicle.
  • Impacts visibility. Even a layer can impact how you see out the window and mirrors, especially if it is smudged.
  • Improved fuel efficiency? This is what it says … it’s been tested that a dirty car and the same car that has been washed improves fuel efficiency by nearly 10%,,
  • Better for the environment. It says that thru a car wash uses less water. But your kids especially in summer would miss out on the spontaneous water fights and fun…. Just saying.

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