What is the function of a Radiator in a car?

The Radiator functions in your Vehicles cooling system. It’s main goal is keeping the Engine from overheating. It does this by pumping  your coolant through the Engine and carrying away the heat from the Engine Block. It moves thru the Radiator, blowing air across the liquid and exchanging that heat with the air from outside your car. There is a Fan that blows across the Radiator carrying the hot air out of your car. Radiators themselves come in different designs, shapes and sizes but it’s main function stays the same cooling your Engine. Without the Radiator, your Engine would build up heat, the overheating could cause major damage to your Engine. Signs of a broken or failing Radiator: One of the most common signs is that your Vehicle is overheating. You notice Coolant leaking from your Vehicle. The level of Coolant is consistently low – possible leak. You notice sludge in your Radiator. There are a number of reasons why you would replace a broken Radiator, the first is that your Vehicle runs smoother and will perform better. There are other components that would suffer from a bad Radiator, such as a Water Pump. The Heater Core, Thermostat and of course the Engine could be damaged. 


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