What is the use of a Wiper Motor?

What is the use of a Wiper Motor? The Windshield Wiper Motor is behind the cars firewall so you don’t usually see it. Here are some signs that the Wiper Motor is going out or is bad. Wiper systems today allow your Wipers to move at different speeds. When your turn the Wipers on they only operate on one speed. You might double check the Wipers, with the weather changing, leaves, dirt and debris may have gotten into the system and need cleaning out. You’ve noticed the Wipers moving slower and slower, the Motor may be going out. Don’t wait until the Wiper Blades stop completely, that could be very dangerous, especially in this wet climate. One other sign the Wiper Motor may be failing is that the Wiper Blades no longer “park” in the right position. If you are experiencing any of the above problem don’t hesitate to call and set up an appointment to get your Wiper Blades and Wiper Motor checked out. 

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