What is wrong with my A/C?

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It's starting to get warm, we've already had a customer call and say "Why is my air conditioner blowing warm air?"  Don’t wait till the weather is unbearable , let us get you’re A/C Performance Checked today! The simplest solution is that your #A/C system needs to be serviced. Getting the system service about every 5 years or sooner if the summer has been brutal. With time condensation builds up inside the system, causing it to blow warm air instead of cool. To service your A/C: pulling out all of the refrigerant and storing it, then pressurizing the system making sure there are no leaks, then dry the system, and put the refrigerant back. Then you should get plenty of cold air. If we find leaks that could explain the warm air, because the refrigerant is slowly leaking out. Other times a part may fail, it could be the compressor, or the condenser, replacing the part should get you on your way. Give us a call so we can set an appointment and help you “keep your cool”. Need a Loaner? Let us know when you schedule your appointment.

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