"When Should I get another Car?"

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 “When should I get another Car?” When you’ve got a problem with your vehicle’s engine, it could be any number of issues.  At Rick’s Auto Service, our expert Service Technicians will determine the problem. Explaining what needs to be done in clear terms. Allowing you to make an informed decision on how best to proceed.(to keep or to not keep your vehicle)  Our goal is keeping you and your family safe on the road. The key component in keeping your vehicle running well, is regular maintenance.  

What are common engine problems?

  • Overheating
  • Check engine light is on(might just be loose gas cap)
  • Low coolant
  • Burnt out radiator.
  • Clogged hoses or radiator
  • Broken engine thermostat
  • Loose or broken plugs
  • Leaking coolant system
  • Blown or cracked gasket


Conducting standard tune-ups are important (visual inspection of engine components, diagnostics, fuel pump, various filters, ignition module, emissions, tires, engine sensors, hoses, engine sensors and much more. Letting you know when to replace any worn or aging parts such as spark plugs, changing the oil. Setting the timing and idle arm and checking all the fluids.

Your engine like everything else needs regular care and attention. Making sure it is running properly, efficiently and minimizes any need for major repair. Call Rick’s auto Service and schedule an engine inspection.

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