When to replace tires.

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When to replace tires?

Did you know that about 9%of vehicle crashes are tire related? This is a study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The only thing between you and the road are the four tires on your car. A very simple test you can do is with a penny! Put Lincolns Head down into the tread. If you see the top of the head of Lincoln. Your tires are in need of a change, try it in different areas of the tire.

  • Does your vehicle track straight as an arrow?
  • Are you drifting to the right or to the left?
  • Is the air in your tires under or over inflated?
  • Are there vibrations in your wheel (they are out of balance or bent-good ole potholes) or suspension is worn.

Doesn’t mention in the vehicle manufactures guide. But if you are going straight as an arrow, no need for an alignment. Have it checked when you get the tires rotated.

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