Who has the best warranties on cars?

Here at Ricks Auto Service in Mishawaka In, we’re in the business of quality. Quality work, quality parts, and quality service keep a business going. We offer our customers a 36,000 mile, 3 year warranty on our work. So, we buy the best.

Why It Pays to Pay For Quality - When a problem arises, it’s always tempting to save some money by cruising for a deal on parts. The truth is, they aren’t the same, why pay double to have the part put in again? The issue starts with quality, what type of quality are you really getting online? Not only was the vehicle you bought expensive, you need to know your vehicle will run and run well.

Warranties Are Important - Cars, trucks, and SUVs are incredibly complicated machines. Sometimes, even the best part will have issues. Problems will arise even among the most diligent and meticulous work.

When you go for quality, warrantied work and components, you are already getting something less likely to fail. You are getting something people are willing to stand behind; a promise that this is quality work. If there is an issue, it will be fixed. Quality parts can only be guaranteed by quality work, and quality work can only be guaranteed by quality parts. A perfect job is only as good as the parts used to complete it. The parts used to complete a job are only as good as the care taken on the installation.

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