Why are my brakes squeaking?

Why are my Brakes making a grinding noise? This picture shows how worn both sides are with the right being worn a little more. These Brakes were Grinding, making a very loud noise every time the customer braked!  It is good to have your Brakes inspected at least annually if not every 6 months. The reason for this is to catch minor problems before they become major or more costly problems. What do I notice if I have brake problems.

  • Pulsating when braking whether at low speeds or high speeds can be caused by warped Brake Rotors or Brake Drums which can affect stopping distances.
  • Squeaking can be caused by Brake warning tabs or inexpensive quality of Brake Pads. Grinding is usually cause because brake pads are

completely worn out and you have metal on metal rubbing against each other.

  • Soft brakes, can be caused by a number of things including, worn out brake parts, air in the brake

hydraulic system or under adjusted brakes.

  • Brake smells, If you have a part of your brake hydraulic system that is not releasing fully when you take

your foot off the pedal if will keep your brakes applied and as they heat up they can cause a really bad

smell from parts burning like you would have if you burnt food.

  • Low pedal or no braking action when pushing on the brakes can be caused by a number of things the

most common is the steel lines that carry brake fluid have rusted through and are causing a leak.

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