Why do my "brakes squeak"?

Picture is of worn pads-you can see where the "squeak comes from"

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"Why do my brakes make noise?"
Brakes are not to be played with, there is an entire braking system in your car that needs regular servicing. Just replacing brake pads is not enough, the whole system needs to be maintained & serviced regularly.
This squeaky or squealing noise can be an indicator that it is time to have your brakes inspected and possibly replaced. Brake noise can occur for other reasons than worn out pads, however. Moisture can cause brake rotors, which are unfinished metal, to rust as quickly as overnight.

Brakes are not a component of your vehicle that should be ignored. Your braking system in your car needs to be regularly maintained & serviced regularly. We inspect your brakes when you come in for an oil change, but if you want a real complete check, ask our Technicians to do our “free brake inspection” that way they are going in and looking for very specific things. That being said if your brakes are making a squeaking noise, brake pads are made to start making a noise when they are worn down to the last 25%.

 But some common causes of squeaky brakes:

  • Worn out pads
  • Brake rotor rust
  • Hard braking
  • Long-life brake pads

How to determine if your brakes are worn or not:

  • Track service intervals
  • Stop-and-go vs. highway driving
  • Visual Inspections
  • Removing rust to see if problem persists
  • Type of brakes pads
  • picture of worn pads

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