Why does my car pull to the left or to the right?

On a recent phone call one of our customers asked: "Why does my car pull to the right or to the left? Great question! Do you ever feel that your car dragging or "pulling" to the left or to the right? 

  • Vehicle alignment. Alignment keeps your tires parallel with one another and even with the ground. If the alignment is off, it can cause a car to pull.
  • Brake Hose. The brake hose distributes brake fluid to your tires. If it gets clogged, fluid is dispensed unevenly to the tires, causing a car to pull as a result.
  • Tires. Over time your tire tread will wear out. If you don’t help distribute the wear evenly by rotating your tires on a regular basis, one will inevitably wear out quicker than the others. Low tire pressure can also be a cause of pulling.

An experienced mechanic can examine your vehicle, identify the cause of the pulling, and fix the issue. Give us a call and we will let you know what the problem is and fix it.

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