Why does my car vibrate when I drive?

Why does my car vibrate when I drive?

Unfortunately, a customer of ours hit a huge pot hole, and broke the control arm, that was an easy diagnosis. But your cars vibration can be your tires, wheels, brakes, steering suspension, axle or engine. That is why it is key to get your vehicle into the shop. We will talk about what a bad control arm can do.

Signs of a bad control arm:

  1. Popping sound when going over bumps.
  2. Unstable Steering the vehicle will pull either right or the left.
  3. Affected driving performance when worn out the vehicle can vibrate while driving.
  4. Uneven tire wear the tire tread will show uneven wear.

Control arms in a car are vital parts of the front suspension. If a control arm is worn out or damaged beyond what a car manufacturer considers acceptable, the vehicle is deemed unsafe to drive. 

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