Why get a cooling system flush?

Cooling System Power Back flush

Why get a cooling system flush?

On your vehicle the cooling system removes the tremendous heat generated by your Chevy, Honda, Ford and any car you drive. Over time the coolant mixture becomes contaminated with scale and rust, which clogs and damages the cooling system components. Checking this yearly is very important,  look on your vehicles manual if it states mileage.

 What we check?

  • Pressure conditions and coolant volume.
  • Making sure the radiator cap fits correctly and is not cracked.
  • The hoses need to be check on wear, are they cracked and disintegrating. The same goes for the Engine belts.

What are the warning signs?

  • Check engine warning light is on
  • Low coolant warning light is on
  • Engine is overheating

How important is this service?

As with all maintenance it is very important to keep your vehicle healthy and running longer.

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