Why is my car making a squeaking noise when I drive?

Why is my car making a squeaking Noise when I drive?

There are a number of items that can cause the squeaking noise. Today I will talk about Brakes: pads and rotors. Your brake pads are actually designed to make noise when they are worn to the point of replacement. (Don’t ignore odd noises your vehicle makes) So listen when you apply the brakes, not calling your mechanic (Ricks Auto Service in Mishawaka) you may end up damaging your rotors as well. The cost will be a lot more if you also have to replace both elements- pads & rotors. I

If the brakes squeak or squeal first thing in the morning (be aware if it has rained or snowed) it could be just surface rust or moisture and dirt. However, if every time you brake you are hearing the squeal or squeak you have  problem. As the pads wear down, they have a safer feature, a small metal tab, contacts the rotor surface, letting you know it is time to change the pads. Thus you hear the squeak or squeal. If though, you are starting to hear a grinding noise (meaning you weren’t paying attention you now have metal-to-metal and now the rotors need replacing.

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