Winter Maintenance

Winter Maintenance is just that keeping your car well maintained. Cars today aside from safety (which has vastly improved) are much better then say cars of the 70’s or 80’s.

  • Cars today are more Durable. It wasn’t unusual for cars of the 1960-1970 era not lasting more then 100,000 mile with some major problems. Cars today go well over that.
  • Functionality. Power Steering, ABS Brakes, and Power Windows are almost standard. Transmissions are better. Fuel economy is more than way better. And the vehicles we drive are more comfortable.
  • Those of you who enjoy their entertainment, the radios, CD players are much better. Hooking up your phone to the car stereo and playing your music. Spotify and other cheap ways of playing your own music. You have CiriusXM radio. Making a hands free phone call is just as easy.

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