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Oil Change to engine repair we do all kinds of work.

Oil Change to engine repair we do all kinds of work.

Since driving may be your mode of travel when you are considering your vacation this year. Keeping track of maintenance done on all your vehicles, trucks, van or SUV’s is one of the most important aspects of vehicle management. At, Ricks Auto Service here in Mishawaka, IN, we track maintenance and repairs for many reasons: Cost - How much it costs to keep a vehicle on the road is important. Keeping this in mind, helps determine the cost in fixing up the vehicle. Do you want to keep this vehicle? Or, just keep it running so you can start looking for another vehicle. It’s just a beater car that you do want to keep on the road for around town driving. Keeping you informed: An important aspect of keeping our great customers driving safe. We will let you know email or by text what service is due. Maintenance is the one key component in keeping your vehicle running well. Savings - If you keep track of everything, you’ll know wh ... read more

How do I know my brakes are bad?

How do you know your brakes are bad? “Brake Light” is on: Call us as soon as possible, we will do a free brake inspection. Letting you know what needs to be done, to get you back on the road safely. Ugghh you are hearing the “grinding, squealing, squeaking noise”: indicates that your brake pads & shoes need to be inspected. Do you feel a “vibration or scraping” in the steering wheel? Don’t wait to long your rotors might be starting to warp, your want your rotors smooth and even. “Fluid is leaking”, if it is dark brown it could be aged motor oil, or brake fluid which has a dark brown appearance. “Spongy brake” or “soft brake” – Spongy brake hesitation when braking. Usually when you brake the pedal goes down easily. Could be air in the brake lines. “Pulling to one side when braking” the rotors are worn or warped. “Burning smell” sort of like the smell of burning hair(sti ... read more

why is my a/c blowing warm air?

why is my a/c blowing warm air?

Getting ready to go to the beach? Start your car, kick on the AC--NO cold air!!! Here are some warning signs that your vehicles A/C may be going out: You notice a difference in cooling-may not be obvious. Could be a simple fix if caught early. You hear loud noises when the A/C is turned on. You notice an oil leak. The problem could be: failing or failed A/C compressor, leaking refrigerant, electrical issues, faulty cooling fans or broken condenser. Call and schedule an appointment with our trained A/C Specialist. From preventive maintenance to major repairs, Ricks Auto Service, 405 W. Jefferson Blvd, 574.574.4724. #ricksautoservice #Mishawakamechanic #mishawaautorepair Ricks Auto; oil change near me; transmission shops; battery service; free battery check; mechanics near me; auto repair near me;  alignment; Cold Weather; oil change service; car repair near me; oil change south bend; oil ... read more

Hard starting my vehicle battery service

Is your engine cranking slowly? Your battery not charging? Battery dashboard warning light is on? At Ricks Auto Service in Mishawaka we use the BG battery service it cleans battery, terminals and cables. Making sure the battery posts, terminals and case are sealed. Allows for a longer battery life and no battery terminal corrosion. The best way I can explain battery corrosion is: your vehicles battery is filled with sulfuric acid. Your battery heats and cools with your motor. Hydrogen gasses then released from the battery with vents in the battery. Gasses mix with other particulates around the battery. The mixing produces corrosion, which form on electrical connections. Corrosion on your car battery reflects normal wear and tear as your battery ages. But when in the summer months it can be worse. Ways to help prevent corrosion: spray battery protector, apply an anti-corrosion gel to terminals but is limited. Felt terminal protectors. Corrosion may be a sign of a more serious problem ... read more

Why do I need to change my Oil?

Why do I need to change my Oil?

Why should I change my oil? Maintenance Maintenance Maintenance!!! There is a definite reason we tell all our customers to have your oil changed. The oil is like life blood to your vehicle. The Oil lubricates the engine, it also cools your engines’ components (those moving parts need lubrication). The oil also removes those deadly particles and the sludge, (dirt is deadly to the engine, when dirt gets in it may cause the engine to work harder and decrease engine life). It may improve gas mileage, (when your oil is compromised it compromises the engine). Keeping the oil cleaned on a regular basis supports longevity for your vehicle.   From preventive maintenance to major repairs, Ricks Auto Service, 405 W. Jefferson Blvd, 574.574.4724. #ricksautoservice #Mishawakamechanic #mishawaautorepair Ricks Auto; oil change near me; transmission shops; ricks auto; mechanics near me; auto repair ... read more

After Covid-19 New Fantastic

So once we are back to “New Fantastic” (after Covid-19) whatever that might look like. Let’s check out  your vehicle. If you haven’t driven it at all the battery might be dead. Jumper cables are one of those must have in the car items! Get a neighbor to jump the car for you (black cable on black/red on red). Or if it is totally dead you may need to replace it. Other areas to double check: Tires- if kept in one spot to long could develop flat spots.  Have the tires inflated to the recommended tire pressure. If left in the garage, don’t forge about those little critters that love to nest in your car. Rodents can eat thru rubber and ruin filters. Spreading moth balls or cotton balls dipped in peppermint. If you do decide to put mouse traps, don’t forget to check periodically, otherwise you might have a stink! Better yet start the car every 3-4 days.  Driving it up and down the street could take care of a lot of the above problems. Need ... read more


Erick J Holcomb Indiana Governor News Release on the Covid-19   These are the dates and actions the state of Indiana will take. IF THE STATE CAN NOT CONTINUE TO MEET ALL 4 GUIDING PRINCIPLES, ALL OR PORTIONS OF THE STATE MAY NEED TO PAUSE, OR RETRUN TO EARLIER PHASE.   March 24th total lockdown May 8th: over next 3 weeks stage 2 will roll out. May 24th move to stage 3 see at the bottom lists of stages. June 14th stage 4. July 4th stage 5     4 guiding principles (MASKS SHOULD BE WORN) 1st – number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients statewide has decreased for 14 days.   2nd -  State retain its surge capacity for critical care beds and ventilators.   3rd – that we can test all Hoosiers who are COVID-19 symptomatic.   4th – getting Indiana back on track – which is to contact all individuals who test positive for COVID-19 and expand contact tracing.   5 stages roadmap getting on track by July 4th &nb ... read more

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