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What are brake Calipers and what do they do? What are the symptoms of a bad brake caliper?

  What are brake Calipers and what do they do? What are the symptoms of a bad brake caliper? All components of braking system are important, the calipers work together with the brake pads and rotors. With the modern disc brake systems, Calipers force the brake pads against the rotors to slow the vehicle. Here are warning signs that Caliper is going bad: Brake Fluid leaks: with constant exposure the rubber seal and boot wear out and leak. When you have constant exposure to intense heat from the braking the seal wear out and leak. Reduced Braking Power: you may be feeling like braking takes extra effort. Brakes feel spongy the caliper won’t fully clamp down because of dirt and grime build up. Abnormal Sounds when Braking: Are you hearing high-pitched noises, thudding or impact sounds when braking. The caliper itself when compromised will not properly stop the vehicle which wears on other parts of the brake. Vehi ... read more

New Transmission or New Car

“New Transmission or New Car” You get the news your transmission is bad. What next? Going forward, there are a few things to consider. You might just want to get a new car…let’s look at all the factors. You don’t want a large car payment. Will that transmission take care of all your problems? If that transmission is the major issue, once replaced. You’ll have a car, truck or SUV that drives like new again. If your vehicle is in poor shape, you might call it quits. What is the vehicle worth? Your car isn’t worth much with a bad transmission. Even if you traded it in, you will take a loss. If the car wouldn’t be worth much either way or the repair job costs more that the vehicle is worth. But if the body of the car is in good shape, replacing the transmission might be a good idea. Do you want to keep this vehicle? If knowing all the history and this has just been a reliable vehicle. If you need a second opinion because you just aren ... read more

My Brakes are Grinding

       Your brake system is made of many components when working well,  your brakes seem to operate seamlessly. If one thing needs to be repaired, the whole system is compromised. Brake pads, rotors, hoses, calipers, and metal lines all play a part in stopping your car.      Our team is equipped to make sure all of those parts are in working order, so you can be safe on the road ahead.       It makes sense that brakes need to be serviced more often than other systems on your vehicle. If you think about it, it’s pretty incredible those 4 inch brake pads can stop the momentum of a ton of moving metal thousands of times with no issue. Given the amount of stress your brakes are under, when one component fails, it’ll lead to other failures if the issue isn’t addressed.      Bad pads lead to bad rotors, bad hoses lead to worn pads,’s much more cost effective to get a ... read more

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